Company Profile

Guangzhou Kingline International logistics Ltd. is a professional international freight forwarding company whose parent company was established in Hong Kong for many years. Since its inception, the company has always adhered to the principle of good faith, always put the interests of customers first, constantly improve the service content, and strive to improve service quality and actively build corporate brands.
The company currently has its own warehouse in Hong Kong, and has always maintained close contact with shipping companies, airlines and overseas agents, and strives to provide customers with cross-border modern integrated logistics services and door-to-door customs clearance for domestic exports and overseas customs clearance. service.
In addition, we provide a wide range of logistics agency services for shipping, air and land transportation to meet the unique needs of different customers. Through the multimodal mode, we not only provide a flexible route for the shipment, but also greatly reduce the transportation time and cost in operation.
Moreover, with years of industry experience, we can also provide customers with LCL services in the most efficient way. We collect bulk cargo from different customers, assemble them into full containers according to different destinations and special requirements, deliver goods in good condition on time and efficiently, reduce the transportation cost of customers, and reduce the transit time and reduce the planned time and the number of shipments.
Moreover, we are able to provide air transportation services in Southeast Asia, Europe, America, Middle East, India, Pakistan, Australia, New Zealand, Central and South America, Africa, providing you with safe and fast international air transportation business.
All in all, we make full use of the agent network around the world to provide the most suitable logistics solutions for customers in different regions of the world. Let everyone not spend too much time preparing for the shipment of goods. We can professionally solve any transportation problem for everyone, and arrange the lowest cost and fastest transportation route for each customer.